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Lapeira & Associates Consulting Group is the only company in South Florida that can help you accelerate your decision making process, shorten your business process cycle time, and make your organization more productive.

Lapeira & Associates Consulting Group will help you with supply chain processes, strategic operations, product distribution and sales, and digital marketing. Enhance your corporate initiatives to untap the highest potential of your business.

Lapeira & Associates Consulting Group

Global Solutions

Want to reach new markets? As your strategic partner in supply chain, we will be the replenishment part of the equation that uses latest global supply chain systems and channels to drive growth for your organization and generate value for your clients. Our commitment, dedication, and quality to all of our clients set us apart

Lapeira & Associates Consulting Group

Recreation & Entertainment

All our play structures are fully customizable with individual component options to suit your individual needs. We can create a project that fits your budget, use zone, child capacity, or target age range. Indoor or outdoor play equipment, kids amusement equipments and children’s playground equipments

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Business Growth

Your strategic plan should give you a sense of re-discovery in all the critical aspects of your organization such as sources of the founding values, sustainability options, shareholders’ positions, consistency of the organization’s performance, internal capabilities, and expectations in your target markets.

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Customer Satisfaction

We serve clients in healthcare, construction, communications, energy, technology, and government. With an extensive expertise in key markets and domain fields, Lapeira & Associates Consulting Group is able to respond to you (the client) with powerful solutions to deal with your unique challenges and opportunities.